Amelia Cutter is the sworn enemy of David Genosharp, a terrorist dictator in the Mutant Timeline from the present and one of the main antagonists of Season 3.



Chaos ArcEdit

Amelia is first introduced in "Back to the Past". She was found terrorizing the future of the Neo-Humans with the Orlocks. When the Wild Kratts came in search for Mina Kratt, she ordered for them to be destroyed.

Darkness ArcEdit

Amelia was one of the main antagonists of the third arc. She was partners with Klaus Donata, who she began to fall in love with. In "From Dust Thee Came", the two even got married.


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Personality Edit

Relationships Edit

Klaus Donata - Partner, Love Interest, Boyfriend, Husband



  • Her voice VA is Luci Christian (Lenalee Lee from D. Gray Man).
  • Her last name was based on Helen Cutter from BBC's Primeval.