Antonio Corcovado is Aviva Corcovado's twin brother. He is first mentioned in "A Blessing in Disguise", and makes his first appearance in the episode of the same name.

History Edit

Antonio is Aviva's older twin brother for a difference of minutes.

Appearance Edit

Antonio, for being Aviva's twin, have the same height and skin color as her. In his first appearence, he used a purple shirt with dark blue jacket and jeans. His hair is short and his face unexpressive.

Personality Edit

He was born with a emotional problem, a so called "lack of emotions", therefore his face does not show much expression, being in general a serious unexpressive stare. However, he cares and means well nonetherless.

He showed himself to be a skilled constructor and sculptor.

Relationships Edit

Aviva Corcovado - twin sister

Trivia Edit

  • His head canon VA is Kunal Nayyar (Raj from The Big Bang Theory).
  • His appearance and personality are based on the character Maud Pie from the MLP: FiM franchise.