Aqua (originally Arthur) was one of Hermia's apprentices 10,000 years prior to the series and middle brother of Ventus (eldest) and Terra (youngest). He was the first Nature Water Guardian and Martin Kratt 's original incarnation. He had sacrificed himself for Terra at the end of the battle with Black Storm.


The Beginning - 10,000+ years agoEdit

Arthur and his older brother Vincent helped each other raise their little brother Terrance since their parents died. While the three were outside, they were attacked by Lupus Phantasma and Terrance got injured. The successor of Gaia, Hermia came and saved the brothers. And since they were orphans, she adopted them and made them her apprentices, making them the first.

Arthur liked playing on the nearby beach and was talented in swimming. One day, some friendly teenage merpeople challenged him to a race, which happily accepted for the fun. To everyone's surprise and his brothers' joy, he won. Since that day, he was nicknamed "Aqua" and it eventually became his official name. His little brother introduced him and Ven to Flora Meredith and her sister/aunt, Rose and later her secret boyfriend, Pyce. The six became a circle of close friends.

When the Demi-God of Discord, Chaos, kidnapped Hermia, the three siblings were chosen to use the Elemental Gems to save her. The energy from the Gems turned them into adults. Not spending much time inspecting themselves, they left the shelter to find Chaos. When they confronted him, they used their powers to turn him into darkness and banish his spirit to the Underworld. Afterwards, the brothers were coronated into true Nature Guardians.

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Chaos ArcEdit

Aqua spoke to Martin after the vision of the fate of Aqua's spirit.

Darkness Arc Edit

Sin Arc Edit



Being Martin's past life, Aqua physically looks exactly like him.


"Aqua was very loyal to both his older and younger brothers. He would not let anything happen to them... even if it would mean his death."

- Hermia describing Aqua's loyalty

Aqua's personality is an exact mirror to Martin's.



Ventus - older brotherEdit

Terra - little brotherEdit

Hermia - adoptive mother/teacherEdit

Flora Meredith - adoptive sister/close friendEdit

Rose - adoptive sister/close friendEdit


Pyce - good friend/possible-future stepbrotherEdit

Martin Kratt - reincarnationEdit


  • Aqua is Latin for "Water".