Athena is the goddess of wisdom and a major goddess in the series. She is the Kratt Brothers' assigned guardian by Zeus. Her first canon appearance was in "Baker vs Kratt".


The Beginning - 10,000+ years priorEdit

Athena was present at the temple of the gods when Hermia brought three orphan brothers with her. She, like all the other gods, voted for the three to stay under Mother Nature's protection.

The youngest brother, Terrance (renamed Terra) wanted his brothers to be proud that he's learning so he studied as Athena's student. She was the one that encouraged him and his brothers when they were selected to wield the Elemental Gems and stop Chaos.

After the incident with Black Storm, she hasn't seen much of Terra anymore. One day, after some reassurance from Flora, he came to see her for some advice. Knowing how much he missed Aqua, the goddess introduced to him the reincarnation spell so he could see him again in another life. It was this spell that made Terra determined to get better at his magic so he can use it, so he became the Gaia Guardian.

Prologue - 25 years priorEdit

Athena was assigned by Zeus to protect the Kratt Brothers from evil. After they were attacked by the lone Lupus Phantasma, Maximilian and Paris again, the goddess of wisdom sealed the bros' powers and memories of them.

Eris ArcEdit

Athena comes to Chris after he was exiled from his friends by a corrupted Nick Baker and offers to help him.

Chaos ArcEdit

Darkness ArcEdit

Sin ArcEdit

The Creature Clan SeriesEdit

In a different universe, Athena is the secretary of Mayor Hannah Natera (Hermia's counterpart) named Alli Oliva. She is the only one other than the Critter Club that knows the Creature Clan's backstories. Alli was also assigned by Hannah to work with the Creature Clan.



Zeus - fatherEdit

Hermia - sisterEdit

Flora Meredith - nieceEdit

Rose - nieceEdit

Ventus - adoptive nephewEdit

Aqua - adoptive nephewEdit

Terra - adoptive nephew/student/close friendEdit

Athena had a strong bond with the youngest of Hermia's mortal apprentices. Terra would come to her to study or hear her words of wisdom. He had officially become one of her students after he became a Nature Guardian.

After Black Storm's banishment and Aqua's death, Athena gave Terra some helpful words of advice and encouragement. If it weren't for the goddess of wisdom, Terra wouldn't have become the Gaia Guardian.

Mina Kratt - nieceEdit

David Genosharp - adoptive nephewEdit


Minty - close friendEdit

Chris Kratt - good friendEdit

Athena was assigned to watch over the brothers ever since Chris was born. And because his past life was one of her students, the two bonded quickly. She was quick to help him when he was banished from the team by Nick Baker.

Martin Kratt - friendEdit

Aviva Corcovado - friendEdit

Koki Bambrick - friendEdit

Jimmy Z - friendEdit