Aviva Corcovado is the inventor of the Wild Kratts and the current Nature Air Guardian.



Wild KrattsEdit

Aviva attended a tech university, where she became roommates with her soon-to-be best friend Koki Bambrick. During college, she introduced her ideas of the Tortuga and the Creature Power Suits as her final project. Because of her plans, she graduated. One day, she met up with the Kratt Brothers again and showed her ideas to them.

Eris ArcEdit

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OVA: Sin Arc Edit

The Creature Clan SeriesEdit

In a different universe, Aviva was one of Zach's lab assistants named Susanna Eagen. After the accident, she was infused with the DNA of the male Lawes' Parotia, gaining wings, tail, feet and head thing. Susanna was going to be tested on until she was rescued by fellow workers, who were also infused with animal DNA. Since then, she fought against Zach, who became Zachtroctus, as Parotiana of the Creature Clan.



Mrs. Corcovado - motherEdit

Antonio Corcovado - twin brotherEdit

Mina Kratt - adoptive sisterEdit


Martin Kratt - close friendEdit

Chris Kratt - close friend/former love interestEdit

The current status of the two is "just friends". They have known each other since childhood in school and were close friends. Even so, they still argue about certain topics, mostly whether technology or nature is better.

Koki Bambrick - best friendEdit

Jimmy Z - close friendEdit

Clarissa Kratt - good friendEdit

David Genosharp - new friendEdit

Elsa Genosharp - new friendEdit

MATI Tortovado - creation, new friend, biological half-sisterEdit

Ventus - new friend, boyfriend after Winds and Wings of the GardenEdit


Tania Armstrong - close friend, unofficial rival (former) Edit

Flora Meredith - past incarnation Edit


Natural skills and powersEdit

She seems like the only member of the team with no natural powers, but her advance knowledge in mechanics and creatures also are helpful. The reason she might not have powers is because Flora, her past life, was a hybrid and didn't possess powers before becoming the Gaia Guardian.

Guardian PowersEdit

  • making a fog (as of Teeth for Three)
  • Lazy Wind (as of Snow-Monkey Loves Me)

The Tessens of the AnemoiEdit

The Tessens of the Anemoi are Aviva's Guardian Weapon(s). She obtained them from the previous Air Guardian Wéifēng after proving her worth as the new Air Guardian.

Crown Form: Sky CrownEdit

Sky Crown is Aviva's Crown Form. It's obtained from the power of Uranus' Diamond, an Elemental Crystal.

Shurikens of the AeolusEdit


Default - InventorEdit

Guardian - Ventus's Robe, 2nd versionEdit

Crown Form - Sky CrownEdit

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