"I remember seeing Bite-Size on Wild Kratts, on my all-time favourite episode, A Bat in the Brownies, and find him just plain adorable. Then it came clear to me that unlike other Creature Pals, he doesn't get much love. With that in mind, I planned a fanfic called My Little Bite-Size." ~ Yara Altro about Bites' inclusion on the PoN universe
Bite-Size (sometimes called Bites) is a Creature Pal of the Wild Kratts and becomes a regular member of the team after "My Little Bite-Size". He is also given the ability to talk by Mother Nature.


Wild KrattsEdit

He first met the Wild Kratts in "A Bat in the Brownies", as a reason for the Tortuga crew to panic, especially Koki. But after this adventure, Bite-Size chose to live in her bat box, despite everything that happened before.

Eris ArcEdit

Bite-Size only saw his best friend again in My Little Bite-Size, when Koki went looking for him because a storm was coming. After its events and proving its loyalty to Koki by saving her and Chris from Donita Donata, Hermia allowed him to stay with the team and gave him the ability of speak human language. A noticeable side effect of his first meeting with the team is shown: his fear of thunderstorms, since the first time his tree has been struck down by lightning left him practically traumatized.

Chaos Arc Edit

Season 3: TBAEdit


Bite-Size is often a good friend to the team: loyal and caring, he'll do what a bat can do to help. After receiving his gift, he's shown to not be afraid to speak his mind just like Koki (especially in Tazzy Martin), and to have personal issues about his condition as a bat, which made him want to become a human (Part of your World).

He's also shown as an amazing singer in Magical Mystery Madness.


Koki Bambrick - older sister/owner Edit

Luna - close friend

Abilities Edit


  • His headcanon VA is Elizabeth "E.G." Daily (Buttercup from The Powerpuff Girls and Tommy Pickles from Rugrats).