Chroma "Chloe" was a young Light Nymph. She was the major character in "Lies in the Light", where Amelia Cutter had captured her and used her to manipulate the Wild Kratts' memories. Chroma sacrificed herself to exile Amelia and restore the brothers' memories.

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Chroma was a Light Nymph born from Gaia's Tree, which gave her the power to manipulate people's memories for the price of her life force. Refusing to live a short life from using her powers, Chroma lived in secret in the woods, away from the outside. However, she was found by Amelia, who decided to use her in her plot to get rid of the Wild Kratts.

Amelia had Chroma make contact with Chris and Martin while they were with Gavin and Aidan, as contact is needed to access memories. She leaves behind her special pen, which she plants in their memories that the brothers made it for their friend, "Chloe".

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  • Chroma is lightly based on Naminé from Kingdom Hearts, who has the power to change Sora's memories.