Clarissa Kratt is the Kratt Brothers' first adopted sister and becomes officialy part of the crew in Season 2. She is the Lupus Princess, then later Queen, of the Lupus Phantasma.


Wild KrattsEdit

Clarissa was saved by the Wild Kratts when the Tortuga was still being built. The Kratts' mother adopted her as her daughter, and after the Kratts' first successful mission, she joined the team for a short while.

While investigating about a mysterious creature causing havoc, Clarissa faced the Lupus Phantasma, Darius, recovering a small part of her memories. Another Lupus named Faust entered her Creature Power Suit and turned her into a wolf, giving her strength to face Daruis and expell him.

After recovering from her first battle, Clarissa left the team to look after Darius and help Faust defeat him for good.

Eris ArcEdit

Clarissa is mentioned indirectly in "The Missing Hairclips". She is then seen in "Sister Wolf", after being badly beaten by Darius. She is taken to the Tortuga to heal.

Chaos ArcEdit

Clarissa returns in "Of Cats and Wolves", running to the HQ with an abandoned cat familiar.



Martin Kratt - adoptive brotherEdit

Chris Kratt - adoptive brotherEdit

Linda Kratt - adoptive motherEdit

Mina Kratt - adoptive little sisterEdit

Ventus - apparently adoptive little brother, then officially adopted big brotherEdit


Faust - friendEdit

David Genosharp - love interest/boyfriendEdit

When Clarissa first met David, she felt a crush for him as he did for her.


  • According to MimisaRi, Clarissa's creator, her headcanon VA is Zendaya (Rocky Blue from Disney's Shake it Up).