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Elsa Genosharp is the adoptive sister of David Genosharp. She's the very first Time Nymph born from Gaia's Tree. Although she's several decades older than David in nymph years, she's younger in human years by roughly four years.

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In Elsa's concept art by TimeKratt, she bears a close resemblance to Elsa the Snow Queen from Frozen. Her blonde hair is usually braided and reaches pass her back. Her eyes are silver. She wears a grey dress. In TimeKratt's concept art, she had long fingers and claws along with beastly feet.

In Yara and Hunter's versions, Elsa looks more human like, making it more obvious that she's a nymph. While her colors remain the same, each of the artists style her differently. Her hair is now depicted as pale grey and she wears a grey dress with a white hem off her shoulders.


Like Mina, she's a vegan. Elsa is usually curious and understanding.



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Like all nymphs, Elsa has a slow aging rate compared to humans. As the first Time Nymph, she can manipulate the flow of time, but can't rewind time.


  • Her voice VA is Jennifer Paz (Lapis Lazuli from Steven Universe), while her singing voice VA is Ashley Tisdale.
  • Her design is obviously based on Elsa from Frozen. However, they have two very different personalities.