Jimmy Z (real name James Norville Z) is the master controller of the Tortuga and the current Nature Fire Guardian along with Koki Bambrick.



Jimmy lived with his mother since his father died. Whenever his mom is working, he stays with his grandma. She would teach him all her famous recipes.

But then one day, they were making chocolate chiparoos and a rat came in. It chased Jimmy for his cookie and Jimmena chased the rat while swatting at it with a broom. As he ran around the kitchen, his power of fire became active and his feet created flames that shot everywhere. One ball of fire nearly hit the rat, scaring it away. Unfortunately, that's when a burnt shelf collapsed, dropping the baking sheets. One landed on Jimmy's head, knocking him out and erasing his memory of the event.

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Jimmena Z - grandmotherEdit

Grandpa Z - grandfatherEdit

Gina Z - motherEdit

Harry Z - uncleEdit

Mina Kratt - adopted sisterEdit


Koki Bambrick - close friend, girlfriend after "Music from my Heart"Edit

Martin Kratt - close friendEdit

Chris Kratt - close friendEdit

Aviva Corcovado - close friendEdit

David Genosharp - new friendEdit

Elsa Genosharp - new friendEdit

Samuel Jawclaw - new friendEdit


Natural skills and powersEdit

Jimmy isn't the most physical guy. So he usually stays inside the Tortuga, handling flight and teleportation. He also a skill for making and mastering video games.

When he was a child, he was born with the power of fire, which he inherited from his past reincarnation Pyce.

Guardian powersEdit

  • Animal comprehension

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Crown Form: Magma CrownEdit

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  • His headcanon singing VA is Scott Grimes (Steve Smith from American Dad).
  • His "geek outs" contain movie and/or TV shows references.