Koki Bambrick is the computer technician of the Wild Kratts and the current Nature Fire Guardian along with Jimmy Z.



Koki's parents were constantly doing errands and work, so her big brother Joey usually babysat her. He had told her things to make her fear the outside world like that bats were monsters.

One day while their dad was at work and their mom was at the store ,she asked her brother if they could go to the park, only for him to say that there's "blood thirsty" people out there. She didn't believe him and when he still refused, she went rebellious and said that she will go by herself.

Because of her act of defiance, Joey got angry with her and began chasing her around their house. When he caught her, she got scared and tried to pry his hands off. That's when her untapped powers came on, burning his hands. Even more scared, she asked for his help, only for him to push her to the TV stand, knocking her unconscious. She lost her memory of that day when she came to.

For years, her brother became more distant from her, eventually moving with their father. She didn't understand why. 

Wild KrattsEdit

Koki met her BFF Aviva in college, and they ended up roommates. Later, when Aviva started working on the Tortuga, Koki met Jimmy and the Kratt Bros.

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Joey Bambrick - big brotherEdit

Mina Kratt - adopted little sisterEdit


Jimmy Z - close friend, boyfriend after Music from my HeartEdit

Aviva Corcovado - best friendEdit

Martin Kratt - close friendEdit

Chris Kratt - close friendEdit

Clarissa Kratt - old friendEdit

David Genosharp - new friendEdit

Elsa Genosharp - new friendEdit

Samuel Jawclaw - new friendEdit

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Natural skills and powersEdit

Koki specializes in computers and the Tortuga functions. She is great with handling and fixing inventions too.

Koki was born with fire powers, which were from her original incarnation Rose, a Fire Nymph. Although it wasn't as frequent as the Kratt Brothers' powers, she did once burn her brother Joey's hands and then was knocked unconscious, forgetting the incident.

Her powers never showed up since then until becoming a Nature Guardian. At the Season 1 finale, her power became linked to her medallion.

Guardian powersEdit

Spear of AresEdit

Crown Form: Magma CrownEdit

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  • Her last name is a tribute to her VA in Wild Kratts, singer Heather Bambrick.