Luna as a human

Luna is one of Mother Nature's most loyal daughters. She is also the Wild Kratts' messenger and main intelligence.


The Beginning - 10,000+ years agoEdit

As the only moon nymph in her time, Luna helped take care of newborns since Gaia died and Hermia assumed her Mother Nature responsibilities. She was the big sister to all nymphs.

When Eris attacked, trying to help Flora, Luna was turned into an spotted-eagle owl, remaining in this form for the next 25 years.

Eris ArcEdit

Chaos Arc Edit

Darkness Arc Edit



Luna's nymph form was a young woman with long blue hair and wearing a pale white dress. She would've been mistaken for a water nymph.

She now normally looks like a spotted eagle owl, however, her own eyes (at least, her pupils and iris) remain human-like.

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Gaia - deceased motherEdit

Hermia - step-motherEdit

Flora Meredith - deceased sisterEdit

Rose - deceased sisterEdit

Ventus - adopted brotherEdit

Aqua - deceased adopted brotherEdit

Terra - deceased adopted brotherEdit

David Genosharp - adopted brotherEdit

Mina Kratt - sister Edit

Elsa Genosharp - sister Edit


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Bite-Size - close friendEdit

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  • Her headcanon VA is Julie Kavner (Marge from the Simpsons).