The Mutant Timeline is an alternate universe that takes place in a future where humans were nearly wiped out and nature took control and mutated every living organism on the planet.


Century 1Edit

Things seemed normal at first. But then, people started to disappear. Soon, Future Predators started popping up allover the globe. Panic ensued as it was revealed that the Future Predators were exclusively carnivorous and nearly killed every citizen on the planet.

Century 2 Edit

Scientist of around the world use the power of the Elemental Gems bend the world to their needs. Meltdown of nuclear power plants caused near annihilation of all humans. Those that survived were mutated with animal features. This was the birth of the Neo-humans.

Century 3 Edit

The mutant all fathers were found by Amelia Cutter, who later used them as servants. Amelia then created a girl woman named Izra. Durane and Tarkobba rebelled and ran away.

Century 4 Edit

New Guardians of this world kept it out of harm's way.


Chaos ArcEdit

Darkness ArcEdit

Life FormsEdit



  • Trelois



  • Magatas

Known Neo-humans charactersEdit

  • Samuel Jawclaw - Earth Guardian
  • Ramses Jawclaw - Samuel's little brother
  • Corina Rivi - Water Guardian
  • Zephyr "Zeph" Raves - Air Guardian
  • Cetona and Mayaka - Fire Guardian Twins

Trivia Edit

  • It is revealed in "Twilight Princes" that the Light of Catastrophe was the one responsible for spreading greed and lust for power, which leads to the meltdown and the destruction of the future.