Power of Nature is the very first episode of Wild Kratts: Power of Nature. It is featured as a two-part episode. It aired on May 26, 2013.


In a two-part episode, full of magic and adventure, the Wild Kratts must give the best of them to save not only the creatures, but also the planet!



A book with a tree on the cover opened.

"It was a long time ago... but it felt like it was yesterday... There was a time when Mother Nature was powerful. When living creatures lived in harmony and peace. A time of love and understanding. But suddenly, things changed. The world started to change... for worse. War... sorrow... sadness... greed... thoughts that came from human ignorance and irresponsibility. But it wasn't too late... because in the same rhythm that evil appeared... good appeared as well. There were people with good feelings in their hearts... bravery... mercy... kindness... generosity... and most important... HOPE. Hope saved people from eternal darkness... and this same hope resides in all of us. And if we know how to use this good feeling, we might find a way to make the world a better place."

- the story

A young Martin closed the book when he finished to his little brother Chris. The story was to explain why they shouldn't give up thier dreams and hope or let someone say otherwise, which is what happened at school: they were bullied by Zach Varmitech. Chris agreed with him and they share a brofist and embraced each other. Martin then promised to Chris that no matter what, he'll by his side. The two brofisted again.

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  • In the original writing, Chaos doesn't appear until being mentioned in Nature Guardians' Tales.
  • The Guardians' fight against Chaos is inspired on the climax from the 'My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic' episode 'Friendship is Magic, part 2'.