This is just a project of the co-workers. It is not yet official to aire. It is of founder permission to publish this on the wiki.

Project Neo is the code name for the project of Tamishii and TimeKratt of a spinoff to Wild Kratts: Power of Nature. The planned name of the series is Neo-Wild Kratts: Nature Power!. It is planned to take place in the future, but one different from the Mutant Timeline in the main series. This timeline is nicknamed the Neo Timeline by the directors.

Series SummaryEdit

In a future 130 years from the main series' timeline, creatures are enslaved and revived by alien robots/former humans from another world called the Techmen, and technology and dark magic control the world. Most of the original humans were killed and eventually replaced with DNA cloned humans. And in this time are the magic rebellion fighting in secret, evil forces and the reincarnations/descendants of the fallen Wild Kratts long ago. Now the scattered members must all reunite and save the world from its corruption and fear.



  • Riku Kratterra/Chikyū - originally Chris
  • Shio Kratterra/Mizu - originally Martin
  • Sora Corcora/Kūki - originally Aviva
  • Motoki Bamba/Kasai G - originally Koki
  • Lasair Zedd "Z"/Kasai B - originally Jimmy
  • Zaiger Animech/Yami - originally Zach
  • Kurokku Kratt/Jikan - originally David
  • Bat-Bit Bamba - descendant of Bite-Size
  • Claire Kratterra/Wolf - originally Clarissa


  • Kaze Kratt "Kraters" - originally Ventus
  • Wilhelmina "Mina" Kratt/Neo-Mother Nature
  • Elsa Genosharp the Time Princess
  • Samuel Jawclaw (now God of Twilight)
  • MATI Tortovado-Jawclaw (now techno organic, but can still go into hologram mode at will)
  • Luna
  • Miku Kyota/Kōsetsu - originally Laura
  • Hana Shiroihime/Hasu - originally Tania
  • Kimo Cadderra - Zaiger's current lover
  • Sepola Canorus - First Twilight Guardian
  • Yugure Canorus - First Twilight Nymph
  • Sammy Benefin - message to original Wild Kratts


  • Delia Donalie
  • Gasti Gourmi
  • Anitia Cutthroat
  • Zachbots (still functional, evolved)
  • Techmen
  • Lucianna
  • Kage (though more of a comic relief enemy)
  • Dark Core (main antagonist)

Children of the GodsEdit

  • Raiki (Son of Zeus)
  • Kenta Tazra-Kratt (great grandson of Mina)



  • The series is inspired by the famous Japanese series Sailor Moon.
  • A majority of the names are Japanese, but some are in other languages too.