Rose was one of Hermia 's eldest daughters and a Fire Nymph. She was a temporary Nature Fire Guardian along with her love Pyce and Koki Bambrick's original incarnation. She had died 10,000 years prior to Wild Kratts: Power of Nature in the war against Eris the Goddess of Discord.


The Beginning - 10,000+ years priorEdit

Rose had most likely lived for several thousand years before she is seen. She was beloved by her whole family and even caught the attention of the new apprentice of Helios: Pyce. The two fell in love, but they knew it was forbidden for a mortal to love a mythical being. Aphrodite, enraged by the law, helped the two express their love in secret. After seeing how true their feelings for each other were, Zeus nulled the law.

After the death of Terra at the hands of Eris's curse, Rose and Pyce took up the role as the first Fire Guardians in his honor. The two entered the Magic War against Eris and learned the Spell of Reincarnation from Hermia. Rose died in battle alongside her love.

Chaos Arc Edit

Darkness Arc Edit



Being Koki's reincarnation, Rose looked identical to her. She wore a long orange skirt with a slit on her right. The skirt is held up by a belt with gold coins. The nymph had a tie on matching top, showing her midsection. Rose had accessories like an ornate headband, many gold bracelets and ruby earrings.




Hermia - motherEdit

Athena - auntEdit

Flora Meredith - sisterEdit

Luna - sister Edit

Ventus - adopted little brother/close friendEdit

Aqua - adopted little brother/close friendEdit

Terra - adopted little brother/close friendEdit


Pyce - boyfriendEdit

Koki Bambrick - reincarnationEdit


  • Pyce and Rose's names are a play on "Pyro", the Greek word for "Fire".
  • It is hinted by Pyce that she likes to dance.