Samuel "Sam" Jawclaw is a good friend of David Genosharp and part of the genetic template of future humans, a Neo-human. He is the Earth Guardian of the Mutant Timeline. As of "Twilight Princes", Sam is the present Twilight Prince and Twilight Guardian.



Chaos ArcEdit

The team meets Sam when he saves Martin from a Future Predator. He takes the Wild Kratts to the Future Guardians' base, where Elsa Genosharp the Time Nymph is kidnapped by Amelia Cutter, a human terrorist from the present.

After the team recovered the Crossbow of Pallas, back in their timeline, Samuel went his own way to explore it and discover the maximum he could.

Samuel stops by the Tortuga time to time. One of these visits was during "Miracle Mercy", when the ship is invaded by Donita and he is caught under a pose beam. The next was in "Return of Chaos".

Darkness ArcEdit

Sam becomes an official member of the team in this season, and apparent to have a secret crush on M.A.T.I., though he would want to deny the truth. But soon, it became more and more relevant that he's accepting his new found feelings.



The one TimeKratt designed was 8' tall, had a gem in his forehead, webbed hands and feet, cow-like ears, a pair of extended jaws, long claws on three fingers on each hand, (including his thumbs), mandrill-like markings on his face, and bony blades on the side of his hands.

The one Yara has drawn had a more human-like appearance (excluding the fangs, pointed ears and shark tail). He is instead slightly taller than Martin according to "Back to the Past". His hair is short and blond and covers the green shard of the Elemental Earth Gem on his forehead. This ended up being the most accepted concept.


Samuel is good hearted and kind natured, but when it comes to future animals, like the Future Predators, all of his wrath and fury can and will break loose. But even though he has fangs, he's a vegan.




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  • His headcanon VA is Mikey Kelley (Rip Runner from Loonatics Unleashed, Ratchet from the original, first Ratchet and Clank).
  • Due to him being the Earth Guardian, it is possible that Sam is the descendant of Chris. This is still in debate.