Serena Syra

Serena Serenity Syra is a siren the team befriended in Song of the Siren. Like many sirens, she didn't have a family. But now she currently lives at Poseidon's temple.


Chaos ArcEdit

Before meeting the crew, Serena was sleeping on the rocks of a beach in the Caribbean. Thinking she was hurt, the three Kratt siblings took her to the Tortuga. When she woke up, she had a sore throat. Aviva and Koki have her a pill to help. When she revealed that she was a siren however, the boys freaked out and rushed to grab their earmuffs, thinking that she'll hypnotize them and then eat them. Seeing Martin hurt, she sang a song while caressing his arm, healing him. He immediately trusted her after that.

Serena became curious about Jimmy's game, but he yelled at her, making her tear up and tell her people's side of the Odyssey. Feeling had for offending her, the redhead warmed up to the siren and started to teach her how to play the game. Unfortunately, Chris wasn't so convinced and left the room.

The team, minus a now upset Chris, decided to head to the beach. Despite Chris's earlier attitude with her, Serena felt worried for him as they left. At the beach, she sang for them and they discussed the flaws of the sirens chapter in the Odyssey. She was then captured by Zach Varmitech for her voice with the team surrounded by Zachbots. Serena was thrown into a chemical mixed water tank, which started killing her because a siren dies when she can't sing.

Luckily, Chris had the crew distract Zach long enough to rescue her. Using the recording and remix functions on his Creaturepod, he made it seem like there were a bunch of sirens behind Zach's blimp. Serena weakly thanked her savior, who told her not to talk due to her weakened voice.

Chris started caring for Serena the whole time she was recovering in the Tortuga. When she was all better, the siren and Earth Guardian worked together to rewrite the sirens chapter. Thanks to Chris's concern for her and Hermia, she was given a home at Poseidon's temple.

Later, Chris invited her to spend time with him and his girlfriend Tania.

Darkness Arc Edit







  • Her headcanon VA is Andrea Libman (Fluttershy from My Little Pony).