The Creature Clan Series is a spinoff of Wild Kratts: Power of Nature. The idea was from Yara Altro, but the series is directed by Hunter Bryant, aka Tamishii the Editor. The series takes place in another universe in a comic book collection at the House of Enchanted Tales. Gavin is known to read the series.

Plot SummaryEdit

The series is in an alternate reality in a prosperous city called Krattown. Here, creatures live within human society in specialized zoos or with families. The mayor of Krattown is Hannah Natera, who is "portrayed" by Hermia. However, the real person in charge of the city was Zach Varmitech, the billionaire. His company, Varmitech Company produced most of the products of Krattown. His current project was creating a new line of security robots that run on animal DNA. Unfortunately, he tripped over some wires and broke the main computer, causing an explosion. It engulfed Krattown in a bright light, but nothing seemed to have happened. To those not owe to the center of the blast range.

The accident caused six people to be injected with some of the tested creature DNA in the project. Three of them were workers at Varmitech Company and the other were around at the wrong time. The DNA transplanted into them changed some of their features into the matching animal of the DNA. Their strange transformation also gave them special powers, mostly abnormal.

The accident also merged Zach to his creation, turning him into the even crazier madman, Zachtroctus. Because of his new insanity, he began causing mayhem in Krattown. To counter him, the six mutants he accidentally created joined forces against him, becoming the Creature Clan.


The episodes are called "Issues" in the series. The first episode is yet to aire.

1 - The Six Mutants





Creature ClanEdit


  • Gavin Wilkinson as Erik Byone/Eleray
  • Ronan Wilkinson as Robert Byone/Aardvin
  • Aidan Armstrong as Ivan Byone/Owlex
  • Hermia as Mayor Hannah Natera
  • Athena as Secretary Alli Oliva



  • Byone is based off of "Bio" the prefix for life.
  • Most of the last names of the team are based off of animals or types.
    • Eagen is from "eagle".
    • Mammra is from "mammal".
    • Marsul comes from "marsupial".